Norris, McLaughlin & Marcus - NYC

Norris, McLaughlin & Marcus - NYC


Our mission is to collaborate with our clients to create visually dynamic, compelling, and well conceived art programs that will:

  •        enrich their environment
  •        achieve multiple objectives 
  •        provide the most return on their

With almost four decades of experience, we integrate our flexibility, responsiveness, discerning eye, and technical savvy to deliver powerful, customized art solutions that eloquently express their culture, values, and vision.  

Accomplishing this for our clients is our measure of success.



We believe that art enriches our lives and can be a catalyst for personal empowerment, enhanced creativity, community-building and positive social change.

Our aim is to have art become an essential part of our everyday experience, and increase awareness of the value art adds to our environment and culture.

Our goal is to bring art into the workplace, our homes, our healing institutions, our schools, and our communities, in innovative ways that result in better places to live, to learn, to heal and to work.

Doubleday Book & Music Club, Inc. - Garden City NY

Doubleday Book & Music Club, Inc. - Garden City NY

Pfizer - NYC headquarters

Pfizer - NYC headquarters


DSA Fine Arts Ltd. is a women owned boutique art consulting firm, established in June, 2000 by Dorothy Solomon, a pioneer in the industry,

Ms. Solomon brings a depth of knowledge, experience and resources to each project. Since 1974, she has guided hundreds of companies through the complexities of assembling, controlling, and caring for their corporate art collections, including the acquisition, deaccession and management of works in their collections.

She has collaborated with some of the nation’s top architects and designers on projects ranging from 1,000 to 250,000 square feet. Over the course of her career, she has advised in the selection, acquisition, and installation of artwork in over 10 million square feet of space.

how we do it - our approach


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