I've assembled many more images than we need for this initial phase, so that there would be plenty to choose from.  The list below is as indicated on the furniture plan layout.

1 & 2 - The entry foyer needs two related pieces. 

3 - One large horizontal for Reception Desk Area Wall

4 - One large horizontal for Reception Waiting Area over seating

5, 6. 7 - Series of 3 over built in seating area between sconces (square or horizontal)

8 - Corridor 1C-128 opposite door from waiting to sub-waiting area (square or horizontal)

9.  Sub-waiting Entry Wall  (square or horizontal)

10. Sub-waiting niche wall over seating - 1 large horizontal

11.  Sub-waiting Wall outside toilet (square or horizontal)

12. Wall over fireplace (square or horizontal)

13. Wall to change area (vertical or square)