jumpstart your career with your own art coach

You gotta do both!

You gotta do both!

"Because you spent the time to thoughtfully read my submissions and consider my endeavor it was very valuable. "It's such a huge market and there are so many players that its daunting at times for me, but our conversation left me with deeper resolve and a clearer vision....Having your audience was time very well spent, my goal was to determine a solid launch path and that was accomplished."            
Christopher Crane


artist coaching

Dorothy Solomon, our Founder and President, offers 39+ years of proven experience and knowledge of the fine art market to help you navigate your career path in order to succeed during these challenging times.

Whether you are an emerging or well-established artist, each coaching session will help to get you "thinking outside the box" about your career and provide concrete ways to achieve your objectives.

Together, we will focus on your personal and professional goals to devise a plan of action to market your work that suits your personality, your work habits and your schedule. 

our one on one coaching sessions are for you, if you want to create a new career strategy that will:

  •           Create a market identity

  •           Develop a profitable pricing strategy.

  •           Identify new markets

  •           Build a distribution network for your work.

  •           Generate more sales.

  •           Market your art to a larger audience.

  •           Create more exhibition opportunities.

  •           Increase your time management and marketing skills.

how can a coaching session help me?


There are many reasons why a coaching session might benefit you.  Here's just a few: 

  •          You’ve run into a stumbling block in your career.

  •          You’ve created a new body of work and want to create a marketing plan for it.

  •          You need help with your current presentation and promotional materials.

  •          You’re just starting out and need help pricing your work.

  •          You prefer a one on one session rather than sit in a seminar.


how does it work?


If you only need one session to gain insight about a marketing question or stumbling block, or need ongoing support to create a career strategy, I can help. Each session is tailored to your specific needs and priorities. No matter what your concerns are - my goal is to coach you through it, and give you the tools to solve, implement, and manage your plan on your own.

Coaching sessions are available either by phone or in-person for those in the New York Metro Area.  For more information about how our coaching services might be of help to you, please  click here